Cardboard corner with V- and L- profile

Cardboard corner is one of the types of packaging of an auxiliary material,which is used to ensure the maximum protection of the product that is being carried or stored in the warehouses from possible injuries, dents. Due to this, the customer receives a whole package and commercial appearance is maintained. Those corners are  used in many industries.

The cardboard corner with V- profile has two sides of the same width, l-shaped profile with asymmetric shelves of different sizes.

The tightening of the structure during the packing when the load is carried out in several rows

The usage of the protective corners in two planes allows correct distribution of weight load. The rigid frame made of corners is the bearing element of the package structure and gives it an additional strength. The load on the upper tier does not directly affect the load on the lower tier, but is distributed through the corner over the whole surface of the load below the corner. At the same time the load, which due to the corners can withstand this construction, reaches several tons.

Providing protection against the dispersion of loose materials

When placing cardboard boxes on pallets it is necessary to use the corners in the vertical plane. This is where corners are protected, and the shape of the packaging is preserved, moreover, it eliminates the possibility of spreading the pallet during transportation and storage. Besides, in 1,5 times it increases the row of boxes on the pallet compared with the traditional way, when the folded boxes are wrapped around the perimeter of the pallet with film. The cardboard corner also protects the package-stretch film, wrapping tapes from breaking on the sharp edges of the packed goods.

Ensuring the protection against the crumbling under the vertical loads

During the packaging of the sheet materials, cardboard corners also play an essential role- they form the edge of the package and protect the goods from all sides. The cardboard corners are placed along each group of sheets, this prevents damage to the cargo edges during transport. Packaging corners do not perform only protective functions, but fix the goods together, securely fastening it into a strong frame.

Ensuring the protection of the product edges in pallet wrappers

The rolls of goods are fastened together with protective corners, which are easily covered with protective film or other packaging materials. With the correct usage of the protective corners, you can completely abandon the usage of stretch film.

Ensuring the protection of the edges for sheet materials against screeds

During the packaging of the sheet materials such as a cardboard, panel, drywall, screed is applied to the protective cardboard corner. This prevents the corners packed with wrapping tape from being crumpled and securely fixes sheets on the pallet.

Ensuring the protection of the end parts, different, damage-sensitive goods during the transport

In this case, during the usage of corners you can reduce the formation of chips, dents to the minimum mark.

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