Fluting paper

Fluting is a a wavy layer of cardboard placed between flat layers. This layer is glued either from one or two sides of the liner

The fluting process is performed by bending the sheet over a certain fixed distance. Generally, the process of corrugation occurs in 2 stages.
In the first step
, the sheet is humidified and heated with special rollers, after which the paper falls on the press (2 grooved corrugators).
The waves are formed under the influence of high temperatures.


Depending on the quality indicators, paper can be glued or not glued in the rolls.

It is produced according to TU U 17.1-38272943-001:2017.

Namely, operational and technical characteristics of fluting  determine the protective properties of corrugated cardboard. These include: depreciation, water-repellent and thermal insulation qualities. This corrugated cardboard layer has to absorb all the load affecting the packaging.

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