Bindery cardboard

The bindery cardboard is a compacted  paperboard with a smooth, flat  surface,that is used in the printing industry.

The bindery cardboard has many uses – it is used to make folders, boxes, notebooks, albums,book covers, school textbooks,in the manufacture of furniture and toys (for example,  puzzles). Almost all printing products with hardcovers have a bindery  cardboard base. Using thick bindery cardboard, they create beautiful editions of books that are stored for many years.

Quality binding – one of the most essential parameters,which attracts the attention of buyers and fans of literature. Initially the material looks neutral and has a natural brown color, but it easily lends itself to different design solutions,by acquiring bright and original features. The popularity of the bindery cardboard also adds that when it is bent, there are no traces of fracture,and it has good resistance to all kinds of pollution.


The cardboard is produced by gluing several layers of cardboard according to DSTU 13078.

The cardboard is produced in sheets, PS brands with a thickness of 0.8 mm – 3.0 mm, according to the thickness, the weight of 1 m² is 550-1800 g.

The bindery cardboard is made according to TU U 21.1 – 00292652 – 012:2007.

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